HillBill with a fine net from the Glebe

Welcome to HillBilly Floats :

Welcome to the Hillbilly Floats home page. Here you will find a range of innovative hand crafted floats designed by a match angler and crafted from the finest materials. All of my patterns are designed to catch fish not fishermen and each float is built and inspected by me before being dispatched.

Being a keen match angler for many years most of my fishing was done on the tough midlands canal circuit before making the change to the commercial scene. During my canal years I learned the importance of finesse in bait presentation and find this same degree of finesse is often now needed on commercial fisheries. However I quickly realised that most floats that had these qualities were simply not strong enough to cope with the “beefed up” tackle and stronger fish encountered.

Redneck Technology = Finesse Plus Strength:

During my years as a canal angler I made many of my own floats and decided to do the same for my commercial work.  I looked at, used and still use some excellent models made by master float maker Mick Wilkinson and decided to market a small range of floats using my own designs whilst trying to emulate Mick’s legendary build quality. This has resulted in the birth of the Hillbilly “redneck technology” purpose built range of floats. A picture and description of each of these floats and their uses can be viewed by clicking on the names above.

Remember if your float does not carry the joined HB Hillbilly logo it does not have redneck technology.
Note – No Critters are harmed in the making of these floats


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