Hillbillyfloats Newsletter Sept 2011

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hillbillyfloats Newsletter September 2011.

Just to let you all know that I am alive and kicking after being a bit ill with blood clots in my legs which managed to fragment and travel to my lungs and that the new look web site should be up and running within a short time. I am hoping to release a couple of new floats before winter the first of which will be the Frostie. This is as its name suggests a winter float with a body shape similar to the old Preston Chianti which had a cult following but suffered from several problems including taking on water. The Frostie is built on a 0.5 diameter wire stem with a tough but buoyant watertight foam body and fitted with a top quality 1.2 diameter Hi Viz hollow tip plus a 12mm long side eye securely glued into the body. The prototypes of these floats have been field tested by Dave Swain, Andy Kinder and Jamie Declouet over the last few months and the Frostie is now a firm favourite with all of them.
The second new release will be the Ratcatcher 3 which will be a slightly larger version of the very popular Ratcatcher 2. This will be fitted with a 2.5 diameter hollow tip with a choice of standard or new “finesse” type spring eyes. It will be ideal for larger baits fished both shallow and tight over and is sure to be a big seller.
After a lot of thought and experimenting I have now finalised the build and design of the long awaited X Range of line through floats. These will be of lighter build than many extra strong models on the market and will incorporate a little feature which will stop the line getting damaged where it exits the body just below the tip. This has been one of the reasons I have held this range back for so long as well as the fact that getting the right blend of materials together to produce a strong float that retains a decent buoyancy to size ratio has not been easy. I will be working on this new range over the winter period and will release them in spring 2012 when I have stocks in place to meet the expected demand.
I am also in the process of obtaining another new foam material which could take over from the hardest of the three foams I now use. This is because although the new foam has a much lower density rating it is at least as strong. It is in fact so strong that it is difficult to cut but being an engineer I have managed to overcome this problem. If tests go well this new foam will be used on some new floats and possibly be used as a material upgrade on a few of the current models in time.Just a thought but when you see floats advertised as being made from high density foam this is not always a good thing because things with a high density rating do not float very well, lead for example. The ideal materials for float building need to be of as low a density as possible coupled to the required strength and this is why I am always on the lookout for advances in foam technology.
Just a few words now on the float making industry in general. Sadly the “home made” market is being flooded with floats that are not truly home made. These floats are sold as hand made and “designed by me” which inevitably means they are balsa floats made by Bulgarian companies with a flashy paint job and the “float makers” name or initials added on a transfer to the floats body. Be warned these are NOT made to the same exacting standard that floats such as Wilkies, Malmans and my own Hillbillys are. They are purchased very cheaply (I know I have priced them and received samples) and then re sold at a very healthy profit margin. I would ask that you think before purchasing these cheap imitations and give your support to the real home made float producers rather than helping people to make a quick easy profit from simply taking floats out of one bag and packing them in another.

ps – Don’t forget to send in your user reports for inclusion in the next Hillbillyfloats Newsletter or my Blog page – Neil (Hillbilly).

Email – neilpowell_1@hotmail.com

Tel – 01538 360343 after 7pm if possible please.

Tight lines to you all – Neil (Hillbilly).


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