Midweek break.

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Red Neck Blog

Blake Hall Thursday 12th May.

Off to my local which I have affectionately renamed as Bleak Hell for the midweek open on the Peninsular Lake which is the largest of the four at the complex. A healthy turn out of around 30 anglers saw me drawing peg 23 which is an end peg not usually noted for its form. However today the wind was howling down into the corner and I fancied a few fish on the pole from under a bank side bush. I also set up a method feeder rod to cast along the lake end bank to my left as an option. Well I had only packed my eight foot tip rods because my 11/13’s were left rigged for my Barston matches and this caused me great problems when I tried to cast along the bank. I could get the distance ok but my reel line was going over the bank side bush forcing me to cast into the open water where I struggled to take just a single stockie carp and a skimmer in the first two hours of the match. A re think was needed and so I decided to try the under bush pole swim earlier than I would have liked but this only produced a 3lb carp a small tench and a couple of juvenile skimmers before going completely dead. Fortunately by this time the wind had started to ease a little and I was able to cast my feeder with some degree of accuracy to the required area and I enjoyed a very good last hour and a half taking a few decent carp on my eight foot rods. I weighed 40lb 6oz which as about 30lb more than I had looked like getting and this was enough to win the section and sixth place in the match.


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