Lucky me.

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Red Neck Blog

Blake Hall open Sunday 22nd May.

At last I drew a peg (27) that was sheltered from the howling wind and settled down with an all out method feeder match in mind. Well it was after around 40 minutes that my tip first moved and a 4lb mirror found its way into my net. Next cast produced a similar sized fish to the banded 8mm pellet hookbait but this time the wait was much shorter at around 5 minutes. In went the re loaded feeder again and within 30 seconds another carp was on its way to my waiting landing net. I would like to be able to report that sport continued at this level for the rest of the match but hey come on this is Bleak we are talking about and try as I may I could not get another bite. I tried a few speculative casts to different areas of the swim with no response and it was not until I cast back to the original area that I had any more signs. I then had three skimmers in consecutive casts with long waiting periods preceding the bites before the swim died for a second and final time. I then tried a few long 60 yard casts tight to the Peninsular in the hope of snaring a couple of patrolling fish but this tactic failed to produce so much as a line bite. I then noticed the angler next door on my right (peg 29) catch a small skimmer on the pole and next put in lose a foul hooked carp. I decided that I had to give the pole a try because I was getting very bored watching my motionless quiver tip. After quickly setting up my pole and feeding 6mm hard pellet with an 8mm expander I managed to coax out three more carp and a skimmer before the end of the match with a carp and the skimmer taken on my last two casts. I decided to weigh in my estimated 35lb in case I had managed to sneak a section win and was amazed after actually weighing 39lb 13oz to be told that I had won the match by a couple of pounds with the whole lake having fished poorly.

  1. sconezone says:

    Sounds like a nice day out.

  2. sconezone says:

    Sound like a nice day out

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