Barston Masters 2nd qualifier

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Red Neck Blog

Barston Masters Qualifier Sat 7th May.

Once again Barston main lake was the venue and winning a place in the Barston Masters Final was the target. You only have to win a five peg section to achieve this but with the high standard of the competitors it is far from easy. It was a cool and wet morning and having drawn peg 58 I had sort of decided on a two pronged match with the pole taking over from the method feeder at around mid match. Well that plan went out of the window when Steve Ringer sat down on peg 57 as there was no way I was going to try to compete with him on the method feeder. So for me it was to be a pole match sink or swim and I set up a Redneck 0.4 paste float for my starter line at 7 metres and an AK47 0.2 for down the edge. Line for the Redneck rig was 0.17 straight through to a 14’s B911 coupled to Drennan yellow bungee hollow elastic set very slack for the skimmers on a puller kit. It is amazing just how difficult it is for a big carp to break the line when using this set up but of course it does take some time to get them in. For the margin rig I decided to fish very heavy as I did not want to lose any big bonus fish that came along. I set up the top six of my XRS 2K4 and a top kit containing 25’s bungee elastic. The rig was 0.24 powerline to a size 12’s Animal spade, serious gear for seriously big fish if they showed up. Well the match started very well for me fishing paste at 7 metres over a little groundbait to which I added a small kinder pot of 4mm pellets every other fish. After around 1.5 hours I had a mix of about 14 decent skimmers and F1’s in the net but suddenly sport came almost to a standstill and I was struggling to get a bite. I decided to re feed the groundbait hoping the fish would move back over it but it had the reverse effect and killed the swim stone dead. By now more than half the match had passed and I had only managed to add a couple more small F1’s to my tally but Steve was struggling also as was the angler to my right. I decided to add another section to my pole and try just feeding paste off the hook with no other feed whatsoever and first put in I was rewarded with a 3lb carp. Bites started to become more regular after a few more put ins and I decided to continue with the method until the end of the match. Well to my surprise I finished with 54lb odd and had accomplished my mission with a section win by a clear 20lb. Again I was agonizingly close to the main frame with 5th place from 72 anglers but went home happy.


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